A homeless woman in Connecticut is charged with a felony offense, chargeable by up to 20 years in prison, for enrolling her 5 year old son in a government school which was not in, “her district.”  I am not sure how her “district” is defined since she was homeless at the time of his enrollment.  But it’s certainly undeniable that the school was not her district.  There must be some magical way for the government educational bureaucrats to determine which school the 5 year old should go to.  Whatever that magical formula, the school she enrolled him in was not the right one.  For that, she is charged with a crime.

There are so many things wrong with this that it’s difficult to know where to start.  It almost goes without saying that there is no school, anywhere, that wants to have this 5 year old.  The child is the son of a homeless woman with a criminal record.  Every government school knows that this kid is, at some point, going to be trouble.  He will bring down the average, cause problems, fail standardized tests, and all of the other typical reasons schools don’t want a kid like this.  Never mind that this 5 year old is EXACTLY the high risk child who needs to be in the best schools, challenged, and surrounded by other students who will apply positive peer pressure to excel…rather than negative peer pressure to fail.

We all know, and if you don’t you’re ridiculously naive, that the school where she enrolled her son is a, “desirable” government school.  Since government schools have a monopoly based on district boundaries, there are desirable government schools and non-desirable government schools.  This government protected monopoly is so strong that real estate prices are based (in significant part) on the school district.  Houses in the desirable government school district get touted when selling, those in the bad districts…eh, not so much.  When an outsider, especially a homeless woman with a criminal background, wants to get into a good district,  well that just won’t do.

Anyone with children in a desirable government school knows of people who use a family member’s address, or get an apartment, or use a water bill to get their children into the good district.  You will never, I repeat NEVER, see someone from a desirable district lie to get their children into a less desirable district.  That would defy logic since every conscientious parent wants their children in the best school possible.  And therein lies the failure with government school system.

The government hates monopolies, it punishes them, it breaks up any perceived monopoly whether it is or not, yet it allows no competition in the government school system.  There is a larger number of students seeking a desk at a, “desirable” school then there are desks available.  In economic terms, demand outweighs supply.  When market forces are at work, someone will step in to add additional supply so that it meets the demand.  But in the current educational system, there is no way to increase the supply of desirable schools within a district to meet the demand.  Market forces cannot work in a government controlled monopoly.  Therefore, the system fails.

This homeless mother is a crystal clear example of how an already failed system can go even further awry.  Think about the costs to the taxpayers in this case:  the judge’s salary, the prosecutor’s salary, the public defender’s salary, the secretaries, the law clerks, the courthouse itself, the bailiffs, the court clerks, the court reporter, the facilities used, the cost of having mom serve a jail sentence at taxpayer expense, papers, copies, probation officers, and the costs go on and on.  There is the famous, “butterfly effect” where a butterfly flapping it’s wings in one part of the world and causes a hurricane in another.  Look at what’s happened, and how much it costs, all because a mom wanted her child to go to a government school.  There can be no better example or argument for eliminating the government school system.

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